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2008 PONY Softball Regional Slow-Pitch Tournament Page

  Coaches Meeting - There will be a coaches meeting conducted by Rick Torres (Softball Regional Director) on Friday June 27, 2008 under the pavilion directly across from the North entrance gate. The Rio Grande Valley coaches will meet at 3:00PM and the Kingsville/Corpus Christi coaches will meet at 6:00PM. Please make plans to attend.  
    Hotel and Restaurant Information - Visit the Weslaco Chamber of Commerce website to find information on Weslaco hotels and restaurants. You can book a hotel room there or locate a restaurant that meets your dining pleasure. Click here to find out more about our community.
  Weslaco City Park - The Weslaco City Park is located at 300 North Airport Drive. Vehicle entry is through the East side of the park. The playing fields are located in the center of the park and are fenced in. Tournament entry will be through the North side gate only. Click here to see a map of the park. Warm up areas with backstops, pavilions, plenty of shade trees and playground equipment will be available outside of the gated area for your enjoyment.
  Gate Fees - Gate fees for the tournament will be: Adults - $5 for a day pass and $12 for a tournament pass. Children (5-12) - $3 for a day pass and $5 for a tournament pass. Only fruit and wet towels for players will be allowed in and these items must be kept in the dugouts.
Tournament Brackets - Unofficial tournament brackets and results will be posted as they are available from RGV PONY. Remember to always follow only the brackets posted by PONY officials at the park. Click here to see the current tournament bracket. (Adobe Reader required to view the bracket.)
Tournament Shirts - Tournament shirts are available for purchase. Prices are $12 per shirt or $10 per shirt with a purchase of ten or more. Shirts will be available for purchace at the park during the tournament. Contact Elia Rodriguez via email or phone at (956) 463-9649.

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