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Questions and Answers

Q. Where is Weslaco Softball Baseball located?
A. We are located within the Weslaco City Park at 300 N. Airport Drive.

Q. When was Weslaco Softball Baseball established?
A. The organization was started by A.U. Strickland in 1985 and organized as a non-profit in August of 1987. After playiing teams in American Legion and ASA, we began playing PONY with an all-girl softball league in 2001.

Q. How can I contact a representative of Weslaco Softball Baseball?
A. You may contact Elia Rodriguez at (956) 463-9649 or Oscar Caballero at (956) 456-1410

Q. Why play PONY baseball?
A. Baseball play is governed by the Official Rules of Major League Baseball, and PONY Baseball rules and regulations, which contain those exceptions deemed necessary for a youth baseball program. At the age of nine, boys begin playing baseball with MLB rules such as leading off base and stealing, Pitchers also learn to pick off base runners at the age of nine.

Q. What is the registration fee and how is it used?
A. We charge a fee of $50 per season. Although many of our league functions are handled by volunteers there are some expenses that we cannot defer. Some of these expenses are things such as umpire fees, league insurance fees, tournament registration fees and equipment purchases.

Q. What do I need to take to registration?
A. If you registered with us last year, pre-printed registration forms with last years data will be available for you to review at the park during regular registration times and we will verify that a copy of your birth certificate is still on file. If you are a new player to Weslaco Softball Baseball or registered more than two years ago, you will need to fill out new registration forms at the park and bring an original birth cretificate.

Q. How many games are there in a season?
A. There are usually 10 to 12 games during our spring season with every team participating in a pre-season and mid-season tournament.

Q. Where are the games played?
A. We schedule games to be played at the Weslaco City Park however since we are a competitive league we may at times schedule games with out-of town teams. Coaches are asked to check with their players and parents to see if they wish to play out-of-town games and if so then out-of-town games are scheduled.


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