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03/20/2017   The 2017 Pre Season brackets for Shetland 4, Shetland and Pinto are now available. These tournaments consist of mostly Weslaco teams and are done to help our teams get accustomed to the tournament environment. The brackets indicate the first game for the division however, always chech with your head coach to make sure there have not been any changes. Shetland 4, Shetland Boys, Pinto Boys, Shetland Girls, Pinto Girls.
09/10/2008 Team registration information for the 2009 Spring season must be turned in by Saturday February 21, 2009 from 11AM to 2PM at the Weslaco City Park. Contact Elia Rodriguez at (956)463-9649 or via e-mail for more information.
07/01/2008 Once again, we are proud to announce that Weslaco Softball Baseball was selected to host the PONY Softball Regional Slow Pitch Tournament for 2008. Last years tournament was a great success and so was this years edition between Valley and Coastal region teams. Visit the Regionals page for more information.
06/09/2008 Weslaco Softball Baseball hosted the Girls Softball 1st All-Star Invitational for the Shetland division at the Weslaco City Park. Congratulations to all the teams that participated during the tournament especially the Weslaco Shetland All-Stars who won first place at the tournament. Click here to see the bracket.
07/02/2007 The 2007 Valley Coastal Regional Slow Pitch Softball Tournament on June 29-July 1, 2007 at the Weslaco City Park was a great success. Teams from the Rio Grande Valley, Corpus Christi and Kingsville areas participated in the Shetland and Pinto divisions.

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